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The new Tabata+ goes beyong an usual Tabata/HITT(High-intensity interval training) stopwatch, helping you improve your exercises routine with ease! Unlike other stopwatches, Tabata+ allows the users to take full control and customize their workouts to their liking.

Tabata+ works for both android phones and tablets, comes ready to use with the classic Tabata workout, and allows you to create and customize as many workouts as you want! No hard coded limits to try to sell you a so called “pro version”.

You can use it with Tabata, HIIT, kettlebells, burpees, push-ups, jumping jacks, plank, sit-ups, bodyweight exercises, interval running, sprints, cycling, and combine all of them and many more, your imagination is the limit.

Personal trainer? Create fully customized workouts for everyone and easily share them with your customers.

No need to worry about a paid pro version, this is already the pro version but free!

With features such as:

➕ Easy to use with an intuitive interface
➕ Switch between dark and light modes
➕ Clear time display with huge numbers
➕ Check the next exercises queue at any time
➕ Phones and tablets
➕ Vibration between sets available
➕ Multiple configurable exercise routines
➕ Configurable exercise duration for each set
➕ Auto pause function so you can easily mix timed and repetition sets
➕ Emojis compatibility 💪🏻
➕ Share your workouts
➕ Edit, reorder sets amd rename whenever you want
➕ Customize sounds and beeps
➕ Zero interfere with your favorite music player
➕ Voice assistant with text-to-speech
➕ Voice assistant in your language*
➕ Workouts history
➕ Workouts archive
➕ Backup and restore including your history

Try the new Tabata+ today!

* If available on your device


Tabata+ 1.5.7 更新

New ending beeps time threshold setting and bug fixes