Pregnancy and Baby

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Pregnancy and Baby

When you are pregnant and even when your baby is born – this app is packed with helpful advises and tools to help you cope with your pregnancy, it has a guide to keep you healthy and ready when the time is come and is feature packed too to keep you abreast of the development of your baby and your self too.This app is completely customization so that we nurture YOUR pregnancy and your baby.

• Customize your experience for your pregnancy and your baby
• Understand and improve your pregnancy health by completing Health Awareness
• Alerts and insights based on the data you enter, resulting in a healthier pregnancy
• Beautiful charts and innovative symptoms tracker
• Best pregnancy tips and maternity insights from leading health experts

• Daily tasks to support a healthy mom and healthy baby
• Daily updates on your pregnancy and your baby’s size
• International metrics: lb/in or kg/cm

• Daily log allows expecting moms to track
• Trimester-specific pregnancy tracker: daily log changes as pregnancy progresses and tells you what to expect of the next stage.
• If your symptoms are not on the daily log, you can create a custom log item
• Feedback on your health, expecting baby, and pregnancy symptoms with insights from trusted resources
• Postpartum tracking including breastfeeding and pumping
• Miscarriage tracking includes emotional well being and unusual symptoms

• Automatic step counter detection (no matter where your phone is stored – pockets, purse, arm, hand)
• Calculation of calories burned
• Step counter calculates speed & distance


Pregnancy and Baby 1.1 更新

+ Runs properly on Samsung Galaxy S6