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Evie is a book reader that uses Text To Speech (TTS) to transform written text into an audible narration.

Evie integrates with the excellent Amazon Polly Text To Speech engine. Polly is a cloud service that uses advanced deep learning technologies to synthesize speech that sounds like a human voice.

Evie can also use any TTS engine installed on your phone.

Evie has the usual features you would find in reading apps but also features that are usually found in a music player applications:
• Evie can read out loud even in background or with the screen turned off.
• You can control playback with your earphones buttons, either Bluetooth or wired.
• Evie integrates with your car stereo via Bluetooth. Play, Pause and Skip Forward or Backward from your car’s buttons.
• You can control it from your lock screen or from the notifications drawer.
• Evie offers an Equaliser to fine tune the sound the way you like it.

Give your eyes a much needed rest.

• Listen to a book while commuting.
• Listen to a book working out.
• When working in your garden.
• Or go to sleep listening to a book.

Evie opens the following type of files:
• ePub electronic books (DRM free)
• PDF documents (without encryption)
• MOBI, AZW and AZW3 books (DRM free)
• FB2 and Compressed FB2
• Microsoft DOCX documents
• Rich Text (RTF) documents
• HTML pages
• TEXT documents

Evie offers an advanced re-flow option allowing you to comfortably read PDF files on small screen device.

Evie can open files from your phone or directly from the Internet and has easy to use and robust library management features.

Evie offers the easiest management of Text To Speech voices. Evie remembers your TTS Engine and Voice preferences per language and switches voices automatically to match the book’s language.

Evie allows you to customize speech speed and the length of pause at punctuation marks in sentence and at the end of sentences, so you can perfectly adapt the speech to your style.

Evie has a very easy to use sleep timer feature. Activate it with a single swipe and then Evie will stop reading after the selected time.
And, after the timer ran out, you can always re-start it with a simple press of your earphones button.

Evie calculates the remaining listening time with high precision for the current chapter and for the entire book.

And, for your convenience, we’ve included a comprehensive guide to the Text To Speech Engines and Voices available in Play Store.

Evie does not require any permissions to run and does not show ads.


Evie 5.1.2 更新

5.1.2 changes
– Bug fixes and improvements.