Comic Magic Reader

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Comic Magic Reader

Comic Magic Reader is a fast and smart reader for comics.

-You can now delete comics and folders with a long press

– Fix bug on open files with internal folders
– Add an option for don’t show the front pages (to speed directory browse)

It has the following features:
– File browser to search comics
– Front pages preview
– You can advance page by swipe the image, or with a tap on the border of the screen
– Pinch zoom and double tap zoom
– Comics on formats cbz, zip, cbr and rar
– Different fit modes. The app fit the image width by default, but you can change it to fit height, the complete image, or even… the magic mode!
– The magic mode is an experimental feature, that tries to detect the panels of the page, and navigate by zooming them. In some comics the detection is awesome, in some comics doesn’t work at all.
– Brightness adjustment with the volume buttons
– The app will remember the last read page of your comics

Comic Magic Reader is free software. You can get the source code at:

You can also follow me at twiter: @_pabloalba_


Comic Magic Reader 1.1.4 更新

– You can now delete comics and folders with a long press