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Make and play interactive cards on Castle. Use our small but powerful editor to create digital cards that come alive with elements you can touch and control.

– Cards can be toys, scenes, stories, tiny games, animations, or just simple doodles.

– Combine cards into decks to create worlds to explore, or to tell branching, dynamic stories.

– Browse a feed of new and popular cards made by other creators in the community.

– Follow your favorite creators and get notified when they release new cards.

Anyone can create cards in the Castle editor. Get started with just a doodle in our simple yet robust drawing tool, which includes shapes, layers, and even frame animation. Then bring your drawing to life with motion, physics, behaviors, rules, and sound effects.

Download Castle and discover a universe of fun, personal interactive art!


Castle 23.0 更新

– A new Sine expression
– New expressions for “time since the card started” and for converting degrees to radians
– You can enter negative numbers and decimals in the main variables sheet
– New comparison operators for “less than” and “greater than”
– Bonus: An operator for “not equal to”
– Other misc fixes and improvements